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Sunderji Nursery School,
Fatima Nagar-Pune
Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute, Bangladesh.
Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute, Bangladesh.

Sharvari Parasnis (Coordinator at Suyog Sunderji Teacher's Training Institute, Wagholi, Pune )

Hello, I am Sharvari Parasnis, Proud to be associated with Sunderji teachers’ training Institute! The awareness & the importance of early childhood education is finally getting it's due! Schools are insisting on trained teachers and parents too are focussing on schools that give child centred education. Hence there is no denying the fact that teachers who are trained in Early childhood education & care are integral part of schools that give child centred education. Suyog Sunderji Teachers' Training Institute is fulfilling this need with a very comprehensive program in Early Childhood Education, Recognised by National Council Of Teachers' Education- N.C.T.E. Here the trainee enjoys being a student and is getting invaluable experience during her one year intensive certificate course. The course material & practical work are in sync with the current trends. Professional Workshops and visits to different schools enhance the experience a trainee gets. Thorough guidance in planning lessons makes the trainees confident and effective in classrooms. Lesson plans become a second nature. The lesson presentations allow the trainee to gain valuable experience whether it be a science lesson, a math lesson or an Art and Craft lesson! & Computer skills, Spoken English Skills make this course a complete package. Assignments and submissions in the form of art and craft, language and phonics profile books, creative Math profile books provide every trainee with a portfolio she can be proud of! The well equipped phonics program to lay the foundation for a comprehensive language development , needs a special mention. A new subject titled “Turning the wheel for 21st century Education” has been introduced so that trainees are not only trained in effective teaching methods but are also equipped to meet the needs of children of new millennium adapting current trends in Early childhood education. The one year training program is a pleasure to conduct especially with presentations and the methodically planned annual calendar and the curriculum planner. May it grow and flourish all over the country!”

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Around 2-3 years are required to recover the capital invested.
It is very much possible to renew the franchise agreement at specified terms & Conditions.
Yes, An essentials & Utility Kit is supplied to maintain uniformity between all Sunderjis Ventures.
The basic requirements to start a Sunderji’s Preschool/Training Institute are, 2000sq feet &approximate 15 lakhs/2-3 rooms &an investment of approximate 5-7 lakhs.
We offer a bouquet of services and our Franchise head is the best person who could provide you with a detailed answer.
No the association fees are not refundable.
Typically it takes 90 days/About 30 days to setup a Preschool/Teacher Training centre
Based on the location the Franchise Head can suggest a ROI for that location.
The Preschool/Training Institute will be under the banner of Sunderji Nursery School/Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute.
The Sunderji’s team will be involved in helping you set up the preschool/training centre, once the preschool/training centre is setup we would hand over the operations to the franchisee team. Thereafter, A designated mentor at the Head Office will guide you.
We have our own patented pedagogy which is unique as it’s based on neurosciences & 21st century teaching methodologies/N.C.E.R.T(National Council Of Educational Research And Training)
For this you would need to speak to our Franchise Head who could provide you with a detailed answer
Enrolment season for Preschool/Teachers’ Training Course is on throughout the year but the fresh term typically starts in June/July.
Once you meet our franchise head you will get the uniqueness of our offering.
We have a ratio of 1:10at prenursery & 1:15 in each class, number of students will determine the number of teachers needed in each class.
We have our legal team comprising of Advocates & Highly accomplished lawyers on the panel to take care of all legal approvals.
Other than building and furniture, other expenses are manpower, marketing, transportation, association fees, necessary legal duties and fees & administrative costs.