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We are extremely happy to share that Sunderji’s Global Academia is an official sponsor at the World Forum On Early Care & Education in Macao, China from April 8th to 11th 2019.

The World Forum, the most diverse gathering in Early Childhood Education where experts from all over the world will be learning n networking!!!!!

Do visit https://worldforumfoundation.org to know more

Sunderji Nursery School
Sunderji Teacher’s Training Institute
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Suyog Sunderji Wisdom School

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Message From Founder Members & Director

  • Learning Is A Treasure That Will Follow Its Owner Everywhere.

  • With great pleasure we welcome you all to SUNDERJI'S Institutions. It was a dream to synchronise a fantastic child centric syllabi, with our pool of talented teachers.

  • We believe we are fortunate to have divine blessings, an opportunity to shape young minds and provide them with knowledge that helps them build not only their careers, but also a beautiful tomorrow by being responsible individuals.

  • SUNDERJI'S INSTITUTIONS takes pride in creating the optimal learning environment for our students, and understands that each student learns differently. Our focus is having the students develop a vision for themselves and transforming their attitudes, taking ownership of the vision. The rest—the test scores and achievement gaps—will take care of themselves.

  • SUNDERJI'S approach to learning is focused on student achievement as individual in all areas, including academics, cultural activities, decision-making, social skills, lifetime fitness, and leadership. All programs and services we design seek to prepare students to navigate and conquer whatever obstacles they may face in life. The talented teachers at our school are caring and focus on helping students learn, innovate, and succeed.

  • This site will provide you with a more in-depth explanation of our programs and services, as well as background information and resources about our various institutions. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have, as well as set up a consultation to share more about how We at SUNDERJI'S INSTITUTIONS can help you or students in your care learn, innovate, and succeed.





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