Our Pedagogy

  • Pedagogy has three basic components:
  • pedagogy
  • We revolutionize early childhood education by introducing a novel method of pedagogy in pre-schools.
  • Pursuing excellence & growing by learning are beautifully woven into our every academic & co-curricular activity at our kindergarten.
  • It is our endeavour to create for every child, rich & challenging experiences to promote holistic learning & growing.
  • Critical reflection upon our pedagogical practice is paramount in providing an educational environment which is responsive and challenging to children’s interests.
  • We carefully plan and arrange our learning environment both indoors and outdoors, this planning and arrangement then supports and challenges children’s interests, development and learning.
  • We critically utilise the Early Years Learning Framework to inform and guide our practice; and combine this with many other sources of pedagogical information (seminars, journals, texts etc) to stay abreast of current thinking regarding the education of children and maintain our informed positions of pedagogues of young children.
  • Our pedagogy and planning allow for both spontaneous and planned learning to occur.
  • At Sunderji Nursery School every day, every year, we scale new heights, never standing still. We firmly believe that we can never rest on the laurels of our past, because excellence remains a never ending search.
  • At Sunderji Nursery School we ensure that