I have been associated with Sunderji’s Institutions for the past 12 years. I have had a wonderful experience all throughout. This was a school which gave my daughter, Mitali, a strong platform for her bright future.

I would like to thank, all the teaching staff for guiding Mitali for four years with immense love and concern. Ms. Masarrat Tavawalla has been a great principal to us, for helping us out when we had mixed thoughts about schools. Also, I cannot forget to add how much of a friend she is to me now after I have associated as creative designer with Sunderji’s Institutions for the past 10 years.

Sunderji’s Institutions has a very positive environment and it gives the students the ‘push’ that they need to follow their dreams. Sunderji’s Institutions has a community of amazing teachers and management. As a parent, my experience has been one to cherish. Every year looking at those little children getting all dressed up and ready for festivals, dances, shows and many more exciting events were what I looked forward to.

As a parent, I would like to thank Sunderji’s Institutions and all its members for the bright future that they have given my daughter. It feels great to see them go further and further on their path of success.

Manalee Joshi (Mother of Mitali)

Manalee Joshi

Our journey at Sunderji’s began in 2012. Since then its been a second home to our son, Avan. The exposure that children get here is unique. The school does not expect children to sit with finger on their lips, but the teachers lovingly ask the children what happened.

As a parent, for me, this school has helped me to understand my child better. It has discipline with freedom and education with fun. It has been a great learning experience as a parent too!! The teachers know the strengths and weakness of the child and have always given us the right guidance for our child’s benefit.

The entire staff of Sunderji’s is very professional and yet very warm and friendly. All this has made the journey for us a very memorable one.

Sandeep Morab (Father of Avan Morab)

 Sandeep Morab

I have been associated with Sunderji Nursery School since the past 6 years.

My son is ADHD and mildly Autistic. As parents we were unaware of how to handle the situation & were looking at receiving the right guidance. That’s when we visited Sunderji Nursery School. From the moment we entered the school we were at ease and knew instantly that we were in the right place. We received the guidance we were looking for and over the years we have seen phenomenal improvement in our son we thought would never be possible.

What I like very much as a parent is the fact that the Principal, Ms. Masarrat Tavawalla personally knows every child in her school. We are also extremely appreciative of all the teachers of Sunderji Nursery School.

I am deeply grateful to Sunderji Nursery School for all that they have done for my son. I wish the Sunderji’s Institutions team the very best in all their endeavours.

Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava (Aryan's Father)

sanjeev Morab