Pratima Jadon, mother of Arjan Jadon

Pratima Jadon, mother of Arjan Jadon, Level 5

Sunderji's Institution is a wonderful platform for many students who want to complete their education through Open Schooling. Arjun too has been benefited by this curriculum.

It is an epitome of learning where Arjun is overcoming his fears and weaknesses before stepping into the real world.

Apart from the academics, the social, cultural, behavioural and mental grooming is taken care of here.

I am happy to see that my son has made very good progress as regards his confidence and his ability to mingle with the peer group. Most importantly, he has always been encouraged for reading and he likes to go to school.

The support from the faculty and the staff is endless. Thank you so very much!

Sanjay Shetty

(Sanjay Shetty, father of Ayush Shetty, Level 5)

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial for Sunderji Institute Of Open School. My son Ayush is in class 10 (level 5) and I can see a lot of improvement in his overall skills, the teachers, staff and the management get all the credit for the change.

I am so glad that my son is in a nurturing environment where instruction and support are tailored to each individual needs and strengths. He is learning and growing tremendously, both academically and socially.