• Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute founded in the year 2001 is a premier institute working in the field of education.
  • We have left no stone unturned and toiled day and night to bring to the education community the vision of learning and teaching in its full glory.
  • The need to create a dynamic & flexible teaching community, to bring about revolutionary changes in our teaching methodology in our attitude towards education & our approach towards children set us thinking & slowly the idea of a Teachers’ Training Institute was nurtured which took concrete shape.
  • At the Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute, we try our best to groom and prepare skillful and creative teachers, who will be taught that if they can combine intelligence and humanity with enthusiasm and love, they will be the right teachers who will be capable of moulding the budding and growing minds of future citizens.
  • We have developed a curriculum which incorporates the latest trends and developments in teacher education. It is a comprehensive course in which we make an effort to make it intensive as well as interesting for the trainees.
  • Our teachers are in great demand and routinely get placements in prestigious schools even before completion of the course.
  • The trainees are given an exposure in different educational philosophies through internships and practical experience. We maintain a perfect balance between theory and practical aspects.
  • The course is a certificate course recognised by N.C.T.E. (National Council of Teachers’ Education).