Working of the Remedial Centre at Sunderji's

  1. Team leader studies file, appointment is given to meet the parents and child.
  2. Special educator studies the file in detail and forwards it to the remedial teacher.
  3. Remedial teacher reads the file, highlights the core problem and designs an IEP (Individualized Education Programme)
  4. Keeping in mind the strengths and weakness of the child: An entire learning environment is organized through multi-sensory approach, various aids, charts, games etc.
  5. Specific and practical techniques to tackle various problems of the student help him/her to climb the ladder from frustration level to functional level.

Formal Assessments

  1. Formal assessments are done by the Clinical Psychologist & Specialist.

Informal Assessments

  1. Checklist for LD, Autism & Behavioural Challenges is prepared first
  2. Informal Reading & Spelling Test is then administered to each child.

IEP’s (Individualized Educational Plan)

IEP’s are smart:

  1. An IEP is then prepared for each and every student