Rules and Regulations

Safety Rules

  1. Make sure that the child is handed over to the special educator.
  2. If any other person comes to pick up your child at the school gate then he/she must show the letter of authority duly signed by the parent.

General School Rules

  1. A general communication book is maintained for each child, parents are requested to check this book daily.
  2. Students suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to continue classes until he/she recovers from it and submits the medical certificate from a doctor.
  3. Every student should carry his/her communication book for each session attended.
  4. The parents have to wait for their child in the office, while the remedial session is being conducted.
  5. Parents must communicate via the communication book, if need be regarding their child. Talking to the special educator during the session or before or after is strictly prohibited.
  6. Students should attend all festivals and functions celebrated in the school.
  7. Parents should co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress, paying attention to their punctuality, regularity and discipline. They should take interest in their child's studies & other activities.
  8. Visiting hours for meeting the Principal - Parents are requested to meet the Principal with prior appointment only.